itube 252 w itube valve dock

If you’re looking for the ultimate boost for your iPod product, then you’ll find it in the iTube 252 with iTube Valve Dock. This system is a A-class power amplifier, complete with iPod dock, 3 source inputs and an easy-to-use 27-key fully functional remote control.

In addition, you will find video and S-video outputs for any iPod video products. With 25-watt channels capable of producing incredible sound, this system is very reasonably priced for all that it delivers. All of the necessary cables, brush for cleaning and gloves are included with the system. Expect to hear a lot more from your iPod the moment you plug it into the iTube 252.


  • Chrome-finish class A tube amplifier with 25 watts per channel, 3 source inputs and iPod docking station
  • Works with all docking iPod models (shuffle can use the auxiliary input)
  • 27-key remote control is included, giving you complete control over all iPod functionality
  • Composite and S-Video outputs for viewing iPod photos or videos on your television
  • Enjoy the rich sonic character of valve amplification in a full-featured iPod dock