Kodak’s recently unveiled digital is hailed as being what Kodak calls an HD picture frame, capable of presenting high-resolution photos of all your Kodak moments. It also comes with the Quick Touch Border touchscreen controls, making it easy to use.The frames available are the 10” M1020, the 8” M820 and the 7” P720, each sporting resolutions of 800 x 480, 800 x 400 and 480 x 234 pixels respectively. This level of picture quality is quite respectable for a digital picture frame.

Although the Kodak frames don’t offer the “true” HD that we’re used to, the quality is certainly high as picture frames go. Moreover, these frames come with Kodak’s Quick Touch Border with touchscreen control around the border of the main image area. This lets you go through the menus for the fram while keeping your main window smudge-free. Both the Easyshare M1020 and Easyshare M820 allow you to play back video content and MP3s as well.