Nowadays, technology has to be mobile, and there is no greater example than the modern-day laptop. Everyone from students to business men and women seem to need one these days. Here you’ll find plenty of information on a variety of new laptops designed to suit a wide variety of different people’s needs.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L510 – A Notebook for Business

toshiba satellite pro l510

Toshiba has expanded their offer with the new Satellite Pro series notebooks. This is a professional model designed for the business segment.

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All-in-One HP TouchSmart 600 Quad 23

hp touchsmart 600 quad 23

One of the new HP All In One series models is TouchSmart 600 Quad 23” with CPU Core i7. It comes with a 23-inch touch screen display and Intel Boost Technology.

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Toshiba Portege M780

toshiba portege m780

Toshiba is working on their new convertible tablet device. The model will be named Portege M780 and it will be powered by Intel Core i3 or i5 processor.

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Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 – the ultimate tablet

panasonic toughbook cf 19

Toughbook CF-19 is an amazing device that combines the functionality of a tablet with the resilience of a toughbook (an armoured notebook).

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An Environmentalit’s notebook: The Asus Bamboo Ecobook Computer

Asus Bamboo Ecobook Computer

Asus notebooks have several great features, not the least of which is their modular design, which allows you to select different features for your own computer like CPU and hard drive, and to assemble the different parts yourself. Even if your computer suffers damage, it is easy to swap in a new replacement part. A new innovation from Asus is the Ecobook, which is covered in bamboo, which certainly makes an interesting statement.

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MSI Laptop EX310 for work and play

Recently announced from the folks at MSI, their latest addition to their line of notebooks is the EX310, which uses AMD’s Puma platform. This 13.3” notebook is light, weighing only 1.9kg, and comes loaded with the ATI Mobility HD 3450 discrete graphics card.

The entire notebook measures 310x230x225-37mm (LxWxH), and carries an 8-cell battery which can provide plenty of power. Its small size and lightweight design means that you can easily take a powerful notebook with you wherever you go.
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