Following closely on the heels of Sony, the people at Philips have developed a new, thin HDTV which looks like a picture frame, allowing it to be hung on walls to provide 52-inch, 1080p LCD HDTV entertainment almost anywhere you want it. The new Philips 42PES0001 is one of the slimmest HDTV frames we’ve seen, measuring only 21mm in thickness. With a connectivity hub, you will only need to run a single cable to your HDTV, which transmits all of the necessary video, audio and power, thereby avoiding any unsightly tangled cables. Of course, if you so choose, you may mount your Philips HDTV on a stand instead of on the wall.

The dedicated 2x 15W speaker bar at the bottom of the set will give you great sound, or you can connect your own sound system and leave the speaker bar in the box. The Philips Perfect Pixel HD Engine that comes with the Philips 42PES0001 can process 500 million pixels per second, and 2250 trillion colors, which is more than enough to deliver incredible improvements in image quality, providing sharper pictures, incredible color and reduced noise. The 1080p LCD screen provides a phenomenal 2ms response time, and with a 66,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, you’ll get excellent picture quality as well as deep blacks and rich colors.

The 100Hz Clear LCD technology will double the frame rate, providing you with smooth flowing motion and no blurring of the images. DLNA networking has also been incorporated into the unit, allowing it to stream media from other networked devices.