If you’re looking for a remote-control airplane that’s easy to fly, quick to charge, fun to use and capable of withstanding the punishment dealt out by a beginner pilot, then the Mini Bi-Plane is the one for you. Made from EPP polyfoam, it is extremely strong and lightweight, so that it can crash without suffering damage. Measuring only 2cm in length, and with a 23cm wingspan, this plane sports an adjustable rudder and elevator, and is powered by two 45mm propellers which are mounted on the back of the top wing. The plane is easily charged from the handheld controller unit.

This plane comes complete with a controller with throttle and yaw controls, as well as a trimmer for alignment of your plane. The controller also has the power and charging indicators. Being both easy to fly and nearly indestructible, the Bi-Plane is perfect for the beginner pilot. Each charge will give you about 10 minutes of flight time, and only requires 25 to 30 minutes for a complete charging cycle.