This tribal fusion MiniGod Desktop Speaker borrows its style from cultures all over the world, combined with a cool ‘urban edge’ which gives it a style all its own. It may only provide mediocre sound quality, but it more than makes up for that with its intense looks, guaranteed to turn the head of anyone passing by your desktop.

The two versions of the speakers (MG1 Brazil and MG2 Mexico) both stand at approximately 16” in height, and with the minijack connector, you can plug these into any player or computer with a headphone socket, and these speakers come complete with a fully integrated amplification unit which uses a 9v battery to give you all the volume you could want.
This strictly limited edition line of speakers are a great way to spruce up the area around your workspace, providing tribute to the music gods and giving you their blessing as you crank the volume for your favourite games. Retailing for around $120, these speakers may appeal to those people seeking to make their workspace truly unique, and they certainly do stand out to anyone passing by.