Miscellaneous Gadgets

If you’re just a gadget fanatic with no particular interest in mind, you should check out this collection of miscellaneous gadgets. There is no limit to the imagination of these gadget inventors, so you’ll be amazed at what people have been cooking up, and at how useful or fun some of these gadgets can be!

Airnergy Charger – a Charger That Draws Power From Wi-Fi

airnergy charger that draws power from wi fi

Airnergy Charger seems like a dream come true for any of you portable device users. It’s a battery charger which converts Wi-Fi signals to electricity.

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iWallet – a wallet which cannot be lost

iwallet wallet which cannot be lost

One of the US manufacturer’s has introduced the iWallet – a wallet which cannot be lost because it’s able to alarm its owner.

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A vibrating bracelet to notice of incoming calls

vibrating bracelet

This stylish Bracelet solves the problem of most business people of having their phone buried somewhere by giving their wrist a buzz “Vibration” when any calls in.

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Philips Cushion Speaker

philips cushion speaker

Philips Cushion Speaker is a speaker, stand and cushion combo. Almost every notebook user has used his notebook in bed or on his laps, which can be really tiring.

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Cell Phone Watch with Camera and Bluetooth: Dick Tracey would love it!

cell phone watch with camera and bluetooth

Vaguely reminiscent of Dick Tracey’s trademark gadget, this Cell Phone Watch with Camera and Bluetooth capability comes with a 1.3-inch touchscreen display, as well as a 1.3MP digital camera to take pictures with.

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i.Saw – an USB chainsaw


i.Saw is compact and provides a lot of mobility. It is made of plastic and light metal alloys.

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Eton Field Radios: Stay in touch, stay informed, stay prepared!

eton field radios

Whether you need to communicate at a distance indoors or outside, the Eton Field Radios provide you with a reliable link to anyone you need to get in contact with. The FR series are perfectly suited to emergency use, for when you need information, communication and reliability from your field radio.

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Spark 2008 Award Winner – The Easy-to-Read Haptica Braille Wristwatch


The Haptica Braille timepiece allows the user to get a quick and accurate time reading, taking it a step above previous Braille watches, which simply allow the user to move and feel the watch hands in relation to the watch face, which can be quite difficult to use.

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