Miscellaneous Gadgets

If you’re just a gadget fanatic with no particular interest in mind, you should check out this collection of miscellaneous gadgets. There is no limit to the imagination of these gadget inventors, so you’ll be amazed at what people have been cooking up, and at how useful or fun some of these gadgets can be!

The Apple Wireless Keyboard: Another excellent gadget, and IDEA 2008 Gold Winner

apple wireless keyboard

As always, the people at Apple have come out with another excellent computer accessory. The new Apple Wireless Keyboard sports a compact design, low-profile keys, ultra-thin anodized aluminum enclosure and a highly responsive feel when being used.

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The Banana cell phone holder – more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

banana cell phone holder

Your friends may say that you like to monkey around a lot, so why not prove them right by sporting this hilarious banana cell phone cover from Nanaco? You’re sure to attract curious stares from people passing by as you hold a conversation with a banana held to your ear!

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The Memorex CD/DVD-Player Laser-Lens Cleaner will help save your disc players

memorex cd dvd player laser lens cleaner

With the Memorex CD/DVD-Player Laser-Lens Cleaner, it is very easy to remove any dust from your CD and DVD player’s lens, using six small brushes to gently remove any dirt built up on your disc player’s lens.

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Nite Coaster – something for midnight thirst


Nite Coaster is an illuminated glass or bottle coaster which will help us to find it in darkness.

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Useful gadget for a date – Kiss indicator – The Kiss-o-Meter

This is a small sized (only 4,5cm x 1,9cm) gadget which has practical application on a date because of its discreetness.

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The Digital Innovations 10185 Skip Dr. Motorized AutoMax Scratch Repair System makes fixing your damaged CDs and DVDs easy

dr motorized automax scratch repair system

The biggest problem with CDs, DVDs and many video games is the constant danger posed by scratches on their surfaces. Now, with the AutoMax disc repair system, those are worries of the past!

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Keep your laptop screen “For your eyes only” with the 3M Privacy Filter PF14.1 Notebook Privacy Filter for 14.1″ Screens

3m notebook privacy filter pf141

The aim of the 3M Privacy Filter is to give you some added privacy when working on your laptop, by preventing nosey bystanders from reading off of your laptop’s monitor.

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Convert your slides and photo negatives into digital photos with The iConvert Slide and Negative Scanner

iconvert slide and negative scanner

Many of us have various photos collected over the years, collecting dust in old shoeboxes and storage cases in various parts of our home. The iConvert Slide and Negative Scanner allows you to protect your precious memories, by allowing you to convert your slides and photo negatives into digital photos for viewing on your computer or iPod.

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