The micro-portable XGA projector is even more compact than ever now, with a footprint of only 7.5” by 8.1”, and weighing only 3.3 lbs. This makes the XD95U DLP® mobile projector a perfect blend of size and image quality, making it ideally suited for those people who are frequently on the road making presentations.

Whether you’re part of a mobile sales group or conducting small meetings on the go, this is the perfect projector to have at your side.

Mitsubishi XD95U DLP Features

  • Project without a screen on blackboards, whiteboards or colored walls (beige, light blue, light green, or pink)
  • High Altitude mode to adjusts fan speed and other necessary settings to ensure proper projector operation even in high altitude environments
  • Password Lock security to help prevent any unauthorized use of the projector
  • Auto Power off energy-saving function automatically switches the unit power to off when no input signal is being received for a set time