Mobile Phones

It’s hard to get by these days without having a mobile phone, and there’s a lot of variety for anyone that’s looking to buy one these days. Check out some of the mobile phones available, there are options for everyone, from the young and hip to the travelling professional.

LG Rhythm – phone that loves music

lg rhythm

The new LG Rhythm cell phone has been specially designed to provide you with a high quality music listening experience wherever you go!

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HTC Tattoo – Android fun phone

htc tattoo

HTC Corporation introduced the HTC Tattoo, an Android-based fun phone which integrates Google’s innovative mobile services.

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Cell Phone Watch with Camera and Bluetooth: Dick Tracey would love it!

cell phone watch with camera and bluetooth

Vaguely reminiscent of Dick Tracey’s trademark gadget, this Cell Phone Watch with Camera and Bluetooth capability comes with a 1.3-inch touchscreen display, as well as a 1.3MP digital camera to take pictures with.

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Samsung Solid B2100 – the Adventurer’s Cell Phone

samsung solid b2100

B2100 is the newest release of Solid series – the mobile cell phones designed for the most extreme conditions.

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Evolve Survivor – a cell phone for a real survivor

evolve survivor cell phone

Evolve Survivor is designed and developed for those who expect their cell will survive rude handling and/or extreme conditions. You can use it in extreme weather condition, at a building site, while doing sports or even in a jungle.

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Samsung S3500 mobile phone with the Fake Call option


The new Samsung S3500 gives you the great opportunity to pretend an unexpected phone call. One of the shortcuts is designated for Fake Call – press it a couple of times and you can get an incoming call alert you can answer.

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Shoe phone

shoe phone

An Australian scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen has designed a phone that can be hidden in… a shoe. The idea was inspired by a spy comedy from 1960s “Get Smart!”.

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Xaos Gamma – the encrypting phone

xaos gamma

Even is somebody has the means to eavesdrop on your phone conversation, they won’t hear much – only static and meaningless noise. This is how Xaos Gamma works.

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