Mobile Phones

It’s hard to get by these days without having a mobile phone, and there’s a lot of variety for anyone that’s looking to buy one these days. Check out some of the mobile phones available, there are options for everyone, from the young and hip to the travelling professional.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman – a luxury smartphone power by… kinetic energy.

ulysse nardin chairman

Ulysse Nardin Chairman does not require a normal battery and has been proclaimed (by the manufacturer) as a “green” mobile phone.

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Forget your phone – here comes Nanophone 45LX – a subdermal telephone

nanophone 45lx

Nanophone 45LX will soon revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. Nanophone 45LX – or, in short, NP45LX – is no larger than the tip of a match. Powered by body heat, it will use the body as the aerial, while being completely harmless for the owner. It’s going to be the first generation of devices that will change mobile telephony forever.

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Samsung Blue Earth – the first solar-powered phone with a touchscreen.

samsung blue earth

Blue Earth is the new phone from the Korean manufacturer and it’s the first solar-powered phone to have a full touchscreen.

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Samsung M7610 BEAT DISK


During MWC2009 in Barcelona Samsung presented their M7610 Beat Disk phone, equipped with an ICEpower amplifier from Bang&Olufsen and stereo speakers.

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Vertu Solid-Gold Boucheron 150 Cellphone: For the really, really rich among us

Vertu Solid Gold Boucheron 150 Cellphone

The cellphones designed by the people at Vertu are typically high-end luxury phones, created with highly stylized designed and impossibly expensive price tags, and the latest phone is no different.

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The Amazing Samsung M880 Pixon Camera Phone

The new Samsung Pixon M8800 is the a truly incredible 8 megapixel camera phone, and it we are certain that it will rapidly eclipse the older Samsung Innov8, which may have been the first 8 megapixel camera to hit the stands in the UK, but its bulk and weight made it impractical for most uses. The new Samsung Pixon M8800 takes from what the Innov8 started, and compacts the various features into a new, more lightweight package.

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The Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Limited Edition Phone

The new Nokia N96 Bruce Lee limited edition phone packs almost as much punch as its namesake. Each handset has Bruce Lee’s face and signature on the back case, and you’ll find that it comes packed with many rarely before seen photos of the legendary King of Kung Fu. Additional accessories, and a Bruce Lee doll, made by a company called Enterbay, help to top off the package.
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Nokia N95 Smartphone

Based on the world-leading S60 software with a Symbian operating system, the Nokia N95 is a very clever and amazing smartphone with a two-way slider opening mechanism. That means you can open the Nokia N95 by sliding the screen up or sideways to reveal a backlit keypad with a regular keyboard for quick texting, with ridges to make it easy to type fast. On the opposite side of the phone you’ll have a column of four music playback control buttons at your fingertips, allowing for easy control when listening to your favourite tunes.  Read the rest of this entry »