Mobile Phones

It’s hard to get by these days without having a mobile phone, and there’s a lot of variety for anyone that’s looking to buy one these days. Check out some of the mobile phones available, there are options for everyone, from the young and hip to the travelling professional.

The power of Skype in the palm of your hand with Sony Mylo

With the Mylo personal communicator, you can surf the web, send instant messages, listen to music, view pictures, videos, and more! Capable of connecting to open 802.11b WiFi networks anywhere in the world, you can have so many features available right at your fingertips. Wherever you go, you can stay in touch, all you need is an available wireless internet signal. With the built-in QWERTY keyboard, IM has never been easier, and there are no monthly service fees, so you can chat, talk and share with your friends as much as you want. The Sony Mylo is also ideally suited to working with the ever-popular Skype.
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New and improved: The Nokia N810 Tablet

Nokia has recently released the N810 Internet Tablet, making a great many impressive improvements over its predecessor, the N800. The new tablet is still easy to use, and certainly an impressive multimedia/communications device, featuring a 4.1 inch touchscreen with an 800×400 pixel resolution and 65k colors.

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Nokia Aeon – concept phone with full surface screen

The new Aeon from the research and development teams at Nokia is quite impressive to look at. Its most prominent feature is its touchscreen which covers the complete surface of the phone, which is reminiscent of BenQ-Siemen’s Black box concept phone seen recently.

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Sidekick 4

The latest Sidekick 4 certainly lives up to all of our expectations from Sidekick. The current selling point for this latest in the line of Sidekicks is the customizable “skin” which can be ordered as a replacement for the solid-coloured ones. Of course, the Sidekick 4 incorporates more than merely aesthetic changes.

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Lenovo P960 – mobile phone with fingerprint scanner

The people who brought you the famous Lenovo laptops are now presenting you with their first mobile phone to utilize fingerprint biometrics. Brought to you by Atrua Technologies, this phone contains a fingerprint scanner incorporated in the handset’s edge which helps protect your private information.

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Samsung Instinct – iPhone Competitor

The recent release of the iPhone has inspired several other companies to come out with their own new smartphones, capable of standing toe-to-toe with Apple’s latest brainchild. The Samsung Instinct, offered exclusively from Sprint, is just such a phone, offering top-of-the-line quality and functionality.

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Treo 800

The CDMA WM Treo 800, also known as the Palm Zeppelin according to our shadowmite source in the Ukraine, is a bit of a mystery, as many details have yet to be released.

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Smartphone Samsung i200 – stylish elegance

Samsung i200

The recently announced i200, the latest feather in the cap for Samsung Electronics Co., is a slim and compact smartphone. Its bar-type design and multitude of features make it a great choice for any business professional looking to sport a sleek and stylish mobile phone.

This model supports Windows Mobile 6.1, and comes with a variety of features which are great for business. You can even use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook. The easy-to-use user interface is fantastic, allowing for easy navigation through all of the features in this model. On of the greatest feature is the efficiency of the email features, allowing for HTML format e-mail, fast writing/editing, and even a unified e-mail and SMS/MMS management system. You are instantly notified whenever you’ve got mail!
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