discovery jet works engine

Alright, so this model jet engine may not have the power to hurtle you through the skies at the speed of sound, but it’ll certainly give your kid a good view of what happens inside of those powerful engines.

You and your kids together can learn about the different systems in the engine by putting together the kit’s 50 different parts, and the thrust, speed and sound of the engine can all be adjusted using the battery-operated control panel on the model itself. Who knows? By giving this gift, you might inspire the next aerospace engineer to take on the design challenges of the future! That would certainly be worth the $29.95 investment: you’ll be inspiring the inventor of the future of jet propulsion!


  • More than 50 easy-to-assemble parts
  • Control thrust, turbine speed and jet sounds
  • Realistic look
  • Battery operated
  • Transparent cover for viewing