ms system ms series speakers

The M’s System MS-Series speakers are a marvel to behold, and you know they’re of a high quality when the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo decides to place a set in every one of their 36 suites!

These speakers are capable of delivering sound in a novel new manner, literally filling the room with sound rather than directing the sound to one location the way a conventional speaker would. Both stylish in design and superior in sound quality, the M System delivers on both the aesthetic and audio fronts. This system will literally wrap you up in crystal-clear sound, allowing you to feel as if your very room were your own private auditorium!


  • Single speaker unit delivers full stereo sound
  • Acoustic engineering eliminates dead listening spots
  • Impedance: 8?
  • Frequency response: 140Hz-21KHz
  • Input: 10W (amplifier interconnects included)
  • Size: 16x40cm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Manual: Japanese