Here comes the next generation in workout gadgets to help you get those flat abs that everyone is dreaming about. The Multi-Core-Flex-Excel Body Gym doesn’t just help you workout, but it helps to ease those aching muscles at the same time by providing you with a back massage while you work towards that six-pack you want.
By spending a little time working out every day, you can achieve the healthier and great-looking body that’ll make others jealous.

It’s perfect for helping you to focus on your inner and outer thighs, abdomen and quads, and the relaxing back massage is a definite perk, something that you won’t find with regular gym equipment anywhere else. The rounded pads allow you to stretch your entire upper body and still stay relaxed, and the head pad helps to support your neck for maximum comfort. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make space to keep this at home, since it is too big to hide under the bed when you don’t need to use it.
Available for $70 at Gadget Universe.