nokia ck 600

Beside its general purpose, Nokia CK-600 also provides its user with several functions such as color display, fast access to the favorite tracks or contacts and playing music while driving.

Nokia CK-600 is basically a hands-free, wireless loudspeaker with an easy access to the music.  It’s both detachable and flat-mountable and can be easily turned off when leaving the car. The active call management allows synchronizing and predictive contact search (only available characters are shown when entering names). CK-600 also plays music through Bluetooth and supports Bluetooth standard 2.0. Outstanding audio quality is guaranteed by internal DSP technology.


  • Operating temperature: -4° F to +158° F (Storage temperature -40° F to +185° F)
  • Available colors: Black
  • Languages: Bulgarian , Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvia, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
  • Hands-free with clear audio quality (internal DSP)
  • Synchronization of phonebook: 1,000 contacts, up to three numbers for two users
  • Dynamic memory management for both users
  • Predictive contact search (only available characters are shown when entering names)
  • Display of the caller’s name and number (depending on network and if available in phonebook)
  • Display field strength (if supported by phone)
  • Display operator name (if supported by phone)
  • Display battery level
  • Call registers
  • Last dialed numbers
  • Missed calls
  • Received calls
  • Speed dials (digits 1 to 9)
  • Assignment
  • Viewing
  • Deletion
  • Activation of phone’s speech recognition (if supported by phone)
  • Call transfer from phone to car kit and vice versa
  • Handling of two simultaneous calls
  • Redial of last dialed number
  • Standard Nokia tune for non-Nokia mobile phones
  • Storage of user settings of eight phones
  • Selectable sort order either first-name-last-name or last-name-first-name
  • Selectable direction of main menu rotation
  • Selectable suppression of phone indication tones
  • Automatic answer
  • Internal relays to toggle between hands-free and music
  • Microphone mute
  • Loudspeaker mute
  • Display product information
  • Restorable factory settings
  • Power indication (buttons and display illumination switches on when car kit is switched on)
  • Automatic switch-on if IGNS signal is not available (internal motion sensor)