Office Gadgets

With a few office gadgets at your desk, you’ll find that work can be much easier, or at least a lot more fun. Here you’ll see a variety of creative and useful office gadgets which will have your co-workers green with envy.

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ – secure flash drive

kingston datatraveler locker secure flash drive

Kingston has just announced the new DataTraveler Locker+ flash memory secured with hardware data encryption.

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A vibrating bracelet to notice of incoming calls

vibrating bracelet

This stylish Bracelet solves the problem of most business people of having their phone buried somewhere by giving their wrist a buzz “Vibration” when any calls in.

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Samsung MBP2f00 – a pocket cinema

samsung mbp2f00 pocket cinema

Samsung MBP2f00 has dimensions of 109.7 x 48.8 x 19 mm and a mini-stand for better comfort of using. Samsung MBP2f00 is a multifunctional device – it’s useful not only during a business conference but also on a meeting with friends, as a pocket-cinema.

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Canon X Mark 1 – a solar-powered calculator


Canon X Mark 1 was created for business and professionals. It comes in glossy black or white case and the device itself is thin but solid.  X Mark 1 is also Canon’s first business calculator to work by solar power alone, without the need for back-up batteries which the majority of solar powered calculators on the market include.

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Kingston DataTraveler 200 – 128 GB flash memory

kingston datatraveler 200 flash memory

Kingston DataTaveler 200, by Kingston Technology, is the world’s first USB flash memory with the capacity of 128GB.
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Tracer Wireless Remote Power Control 1,8m

Tracer Wireless Remote Power Control 1,8m is a unique product –  a remote controlled power strip.

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A crystal-clear audio communication with a VCC Systems ClearOne Chat

vcc systems clearone chat

VCC Systems – a leader in conferencing solutions released new audio-conferencing sets:  ClearOne Chat 50 and ClearOne Chat 150.

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Genius iSlim 1300AF

genius islim 1300af

The advanced options of latest 1.3 mega pixel webcam series from Genius, iSlim1300AF, include a face tracking option, a high performance CMOS sensor that achieves superior quality in low-light and an auto-focus lens which gives real-time sharp and clear image.

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