Fotball coffe tableIt’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s fantastic! The Offside Football Coffee Table will make for a great conversational piece in your living room, and while you converse, why not enjoy a game?

Made from Solid Oak and sporting a stylish Stainless Steel frame, topped off with a glass panel to protect the field encased within, the Offside Football Coffee Table looks great in any room or bar. You’ll never want to stop using it, and when you do have to stop, you’ll still have a stylish table brightening up your room!
Incorporating the football field into a coffee table was the brainchild of Howard Bushell, and created from his workshop in Worcestershire. He has this to say about his table:

‘Football stadiums can often be architecturally beautiful which is why I incorporate a couple of these features into the design of the table to create something quite special. The use of the mirrored pitch is to draw light into the game and at the same time this introduces a focal point into your living space.’

Its stylish, it’s sporty, and it will wow your guests. Oder your Offside Football Coffee Table today!