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Samsung S2

Samsung S2

SAMSUNG has done it again! Their latest MP3 player, the SAMSUNG S2, takes all of those features that you expect in an MP3 player, but gives it to you in an extremely convenient package. Whether you’re running, going to the gym or taking the bus, this super-compact design can be worn like a pendant around your neck, allowing you the freedom to take your music where you want it. Supporting MP3, WMA and OGG file formats, and with a 13 hour battery life, you can enjoy all of your favourite songs on the go, and of course, SAMSUNG still provides the great high-quality audio that you’ve come to expect from its full line of MP3 players, and the SAMSUNG “DNSe” technology kicks the sound up a notch, giving you realistic sound effects and a true-to-life surround sound experience.


Leatherman Surge

Latherman SurgeThe Leatherman company consistently provides high-quality items that consistently rank well above your expectations, and the Leatherman Surge is another one of those products. Its small size (11.5 centimetre frame) and lightweight design (355 grams) can be quite deceiving, because this is one tool with a lot of features packed into it!

Housed within the Leatherman Surge, you will find a durable set of pliars, long blades and easy-to-use locks. This multi-tool incorporates a unique blade exchanger with saw and diamond/wood file blades.  Four outside-opening blades are positioned on the exterior of the tool, giving you fast access to the tools that you use the most, and the large and small bit drivers come complete with double-ended bits. Topping this all off with Leatherman’s strongest pair of scissors yet, all of these features make the Surge the ultimate tool for any handyman, and you’ll want it at your side for any job.
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Be like a Bionic Man with Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Electronic Listening Device

With the Orbitor, you too can have some of the same powers as the bionic man. With its 10x prism optical zoom, you can see things clearly from large distances, and better yet, you can use the powerful system to capture sounds and voices from over 300 feet away. This makes it great for taking to the sports stadium and listening in on all of the action on the sidelines, making it seem like you’re right in there with the other players.The Orbitor Electronic Listening Device lets you eavesdrop from quite a distance away, unnoticed by your unsuspecting targets. It is also perfect for the outdoorsman, letting you listen in and observe nature while keeping a safe distance between you and the other animals, allowing you for great opportunities for observation. Our top-of-the-line secret surveillance device is great for a variety of situations.

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Name a Star!

Name a starEver wanted to give a gift that was truly out of this world? Well, now you literally can, with the Name a Star gift box! This incredibly original gift will provide you with everything you need to dedicate a star to whatever or whomever you wish! Pick any name you want and use the gift box to notify The British Library of its joyful christening, and rest happily knowing that you’ve named one of the lights in the heavens.

The Name a Star gift set comes in a stylish, luxury metal gift box, and contains the coordinates of one special star, which is now your star to name whatever you want! The coordinates also come with a set of directions, allowing you to locate your star to point out to all of your friends (or that special someone who you’d like to dedicate the star to!) Also included is a giant wall map and information about the characteristics of your particular star. In addition, you’ll receive a presentation certificate, pen and astronomy booklet. This is truly an extraordinary gift and wonderful opportunity to give something which is truly unique: one star in the heavens! Read the rest of this entry »

Sonic Grenade Alarm

Sonic GranadeThis is one gift that is certain to drive somebody absolutely bonkers! The perfect tool for waking the kids in the morning, or shaking up the morning routine at the office.

Pull the pin on this sonic grenade, make sure you’re well clear, and in 10 seconds, let the sweet sound of victory. With three different volume settings, this grenade will emit an ear piercing sound which is sure to make anyone want to run for cover.

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All-in-one Webcam, Microphone, LED Light and Fan!

Now you can keep cool while talking with friends vis-ŕ-vis over the web! This ultra-cool 4-in-1 USB 2.0 webcam also has a microphone, LED light for late night chatting and built-in fan to stay fresh on those hot summer days. With all the features you’d expect from a webcam, but with more to offer!
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Sun and Moon Jar Solar Lamps

Everyone want to do their part by using eco-friendly lighting, and now you can be environmentally friendly and stylish at the same time, with the Sun Jar Solar Light!

By leaving the jar to collect sunlight on your window sill or in a bright room, the jar conserves the light to release it again automatically when it gets dark again. These jars are completely waterproof, making them perfect for use either indoors or outside, to provide some lighting for your patio or porch. The frosted glass produces a wonderful visual effect, hiding the inner workings of the jar while allowing it to glow majestically, as though you’ve really got a little sun of your own!
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iKaraoke – take the center stage with your iPod!

iKaraokeLet’s face it, almost all of us like to sing along with our favourite artists, at least when nobody else is listening. Now, you can take the center stage, with the iKaraoke. This fantastic iPod accessory can remove the lead vocals, letting you step up to the microphone and show your stuff. With the push of the button, you become the star of the show. The iKaraoke hooks up to your stereo via the line-in cable. You can play, pause, fast forward and rewind any track, and even add reverb or warbling, and even temporarily drop the original vocals back into the mix. Read the rest of this entry »