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Loudspeaker dock for your iPod or iPhone

JBL On Stage

Among all of the available iPod paraphernalia on todayĺs market, the JBL On Stage 200ID loudspeaker dock stands in a league of its own. It is a complete sound system, designed to work with your iPodć and iPhone, and it is certain to become the focal point for your personal entertainment space at home. This system provides a total audio system in just one place, eliminating the need for additional wires creating a mess around your table or desk. Simple plug in your new-generation iPod or iPhone, and you can quickly begin listening to all of your favourite tunes. The JBL On Stage 200ID will give you high-quality, powerful sound, allowing you to have a total music experience in your own home.
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Spy Wireless Voice Recorder and MP3 FM Player

With the Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder, you can discretely and remotely make recordings of conversations in the room next door or even record telephone conversations. The same technologies used by spies in the movies is now in your hands! Of course, there are laws regarding the recording of conversations in some jurisdictions, so you’ll want to check with your local law enforcement before playing any spy games.

With this unit, you can not only record conversations over the phone, but you can plug the digital recorder into your laptop or PC’s USB port and make copies of all your files, listen to FM radio or MP3 music/books. With 1GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of space for your recordings, allowing you to record a full day’s worth of conversation.

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The Truth Machine

The Truth Maschine

We’ve all had those moments where we wish we had our own personal lie detector. The Truth Machine is your answer to every time you’ve ever wondered, “am I being told the truth?”

Specially designed to detect and measure the frequency changes in a person’s voice when they are lying, The Truth Machine gives you its results on a column of LED lights along the side of the machine. The Psychological Stress Evaluator and Voice Stress Analyser help you to determine if that’s the truth you hear, or even the best-told lie. Green lights indicate low tension, and red indicates high tension, and a potential lie!
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ACM-R5 – amphibious robotic snake

ACM-R5 Robot Snake

The Hirose Fukushima Lab in Japan has unveiled its latest creation: the ACM-R5, an incredible amphibious robotic snake.

The ACM-R5 uses special paddles and wheels mounted around its body to propel itself through water and over ground in a truly snake-like fashion, generating propulsive force to allow it to glide freely in the tangential direction but not the normal direction, just like a real snake.

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ASUS EZLink world’s first USB wireless network adapter

USB wireless network adapterIf you ask someone what kind of security their wireless network at home uses, most people will stare at you blankly. A great many people neglect their network security at home, and this can lead to trouble which can easily be avoided with just a little preparation.

The recently released ASUS EZLink is a wireless network adapter which lets you create a wireless connection with any compatible component. Better yet, this connection is secure at the touch of a button, because this adapter comes set up with its own security, making use of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected setup).
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Smartphone Samsung i200 – stylish elegance

Samsung i200

The recently announced i200, the latest feather in the cap for Samsung Electronics Co., is a slim and compact smartphone. Its bar-type design and multitude of features make it a great choice for any business professional looking to sport a sleek and stylish mobile phone.

This model supports Windows Mobile 6.1, and comes with a variety of features which are great for business. You can even use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook. The easy-to-use user interface is fantastic, allowing for easy navigation through all of the features in this model. On of the greatest feature is the efficiency of the email features, allowing for HTML format e-mail, fast writing/editing, and even a unified e-mail and SMS/MMS management system. You are instantly notified whenever you’ve got mail!
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Wonderful centerpieces for your table with Candle Carver

With the Candle Carver, you can turn apples, pears, squash and a great many other fruits and vegetables into wonderful centerpieces for your table. It carves a hole into the fruit just the right size to hold a tea light, making for a great decorative piece when you serve dinner. It improves the atmosphere and food presentation. With a little imagination, you could use the candle carver to create fun chocolate dipping containers, or unique flower vases.  Read the rest of this entry »

Spy Camera Sunglasses

Spy Canera Sunglasses

They may not give you x-ray vision, but these sleek-looking sunglasses are capable of capturing 1.3 megapixel still images, at a stunning 1280×1024 resolution. Included with the glasses is an RF remote-control, which lets you snap photos easily and without being noticed. The lightweight design of the frames and UV400 lenses, which flip up to give you a clearer view of your target, make for one cool-looking set of shades. Polymer lithium-ion batteries give you a 9-hour battery life, and are fully rechargeable to let you keep shooting without buying more batteries. Included with the glasses is a Mini USB port capable of USB 2.0 interface, which lets you upload and download images as well as conveniently recharge the internal batteries.
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