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Retro Phone Handset

Sure, anyone can have a Bluetooth headset for their cell phone, but you’re not just anyone. You want something original, something that’ll make you stand out in a crowd, and what better than a good-old-American Retro Phone Handset? This production replica of the Western Electric 500-series model, which hold a special place in the heart of old-timers everywhere, is certain to draw looks of incredulity as you walk down the sidewalk chatting up a storm.  Read the rest of this entry »

USB Memory Watch

Ever wished that you could carry your computer files around in something more convenient than that easy-to-misplace memory stick? Well, now you can, with our USB Memory Stick! Keep your files secretly stowed away on your wrist, and look stylish while you’re doing it. Read the rest of this entry »

Micro Spy Remote

Have you ever wanted to be a super-spy? Well, every spy needs those gadgets to go with their tuxedo, so here’s an amazing gadget, just for you! The Micro Spy Remote (code-named M-3904-DD920-8903B) is a universal remote, small enough to fit on your keychain (next to your spy-car keys), but powerful enough to control an arsenal of televisions. Its easy to use, just hold down the mute button while the remote tunes itself to your television, and when your TV mutes, you know you’re ready to roll! Take control of almost any television set, but make sure you use your powers only for good (or to keep from getting up when you can’t find your regular TV remote.)
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Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Retro ipod alarm clockHere’s the modern take on the old-school twin-belled alarm clocks from ages past. Instead of waking up to ringing bells in the morning, you can now listen to your favorite tunes from the moment you open your eyes. This iPod dock has a sleek design modelled on the classic alarm clock. The Ĺbellsĺ are in fact 3 Watt omni speakers, filling your room with the sweet sound of music whenever your alarm goes off. This alarm clock can be set to wake you up anytime, and does so by playing any playlist, podcast or any other file on your iPod.

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Make your own rainbow with Rainbow Projector

Rainbow projector

Imagine: with just a wave of your hand, you can project a rainbow across your wall or ceiling! The Rainbow Projector is motion-activated, using LED lights to create a beautiful rainbow that is certain to bring out your inner child. This neat little toy can be placed on your nightstand or desk to add a quick bit of color to the room while you work. The Rainbow Projector  requires 4  AAA batteries (not included) or an AC adaptor (not included), and comes with an Auto off function to conserve power. Its small size (only 9” tall and 4.5” wide) means it can be conveniently placed anywhere you like!


R2-D2? No! It’s Clocky!


Ever find that you hit the snooze button far too often? Well, consider that a thing of the past after you purchase Clocky, the alarm clock that only lets you hit that button once! After the snooze button is activated and your added naptime has run out, Clocky will actually jump off your nightstand and wheel off in search of a place to hide, beeping the whole time. The only way to get Clocky to be quiet is to get out of bed and chase him down!

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HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit

HP Printing KitDo you hate that tangle of wires running around your computer? Do the cables around your workspace look like a tangled mess? The HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit will help to cut back on that messy problem. You can easily set this up in your home or office, allowing you to print wirelessly from anywhere nearby. Pre-configured for ease of use and security, this advanced kit can be used for printing, scanning and a variety of other features your printer is capable of. Read the rest of this entry »

Garmin GPSMAP 296 ultimate navigator aid

GPS MapWhether you navigate by air, land or sea, the new Garmin GPSMAP 296 is the ultimate navigator’s aid. Its FlightBook software lets you keep a logbook on it, recording your flying hours and letting you save and manage flight data. This color aviation portable navigation device is packed full of functions, and all of these benefits come to you in such a small package, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Change from navigating in the air to marine or automotive mode with just the touch of a button!
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