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Meeraboo FL-1 Light

Here’s the latest creation brought to you by Victor Vetterlein, from his incredible Meeraboo collection. The Meeraboo Floor Lamp, called the Merraboo FL-1, is a wonderful addition to any room. Its golden orb shines out from under the lamp, illuminating your floor, making it a perfect match to go along with the other items in the Merraboo collection. Read the rest of this entry »

Flashlight Multimedia Player? Yep!

Flashlight Multimedia Player

Here’s an original idea, and you’re going to love it: a multimedia player with easy-to-use controls, and capable of taking your interface, pictures and movies off your computer screen and projecting them onto a wall! Not only does it work as a projector, but it also comes with wireless ear buds and a special dock, allowing you to listen to your music or soundtrack by yourself, or let everyone else enjoy the sights and sounds with you! Read the rest of this entry »

Pleo dinosaur – get your own!

Pleo Dinosaur

Ever heard of a smart dinosaur? Neither did we, until we met this intelligent toy dinosaur called Pleo! This completely autonomous, absolutely wonderful robotic pet is most definitely one of a kind, unlike any other robotic pet out there. Pleo explores the world around him without any remote control, moves like a real dinosaur and plays with you just like a mini dinosaur! And don’t worry, he won’t wreck the house! Read the rest of this entry »

Green Laser Pointer

Green Laser PointerThe perfect addition to any presentation, this 532 nm green laser is incredibly useful for pointing out the highlights of your slideshows. Unlike a red laser, the green color stands out, and can even be seen as a ‘beam’ of light in the dark, helping to direct attention wherever you need. This makes the green laser a must for any astronomy enthusiasts, allowing you to shoot a green beam of light up at the constellations for a really cool light show. As an added perk, the green light can be seen at distances even greater than the traditional red pointer. Read the rest of this entry »

Be like a pro with the Gorillapod

Gorilla PodAre your pictures coming out all shaky? Hate being left out of group photos? Well, the Gorillapod is the answer to your problems! This handy little tool will secure your compact digital camera to anything at all, letting you take that perfect picture hands-free. The flexible neck can rotate and bend 360 degrees to get you the perfect angle, and you can rest easy knowing that your expensive camera is securely fixed, with no risk of falling! Read the rest of this entry »

Make Pasta Like a Pro!

With the German Design Studio Noooodle in your kitchen, you’ll be churning out the perfect pasta portions for any number of guests. Capable of measuring out just the right amount of spaghetti for one to four people, the Noooodle takes the guesswork out of cooking pasta for groups of people. It doubles as a stand for hot pots, so it not only saves you headaches but it helps save your countertops and tables! This handy little tool is great to have in any kitchen.

Please note that Konstantin Slawinski does not take responsibility for manufacturing the Noooodle.


Offside Football Coffee Table

Fotball coffe tableIt’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s fantastic! The Offside Football Coffee Table will make for a great conversational piece in your living room, and while you converse, why not enjoy a game?

Made from Solid Oak and sporting a stylish Stainless Steel frame, topped off with a glass panel to protect the field encased within, the Offside Football Coffee Table looks great in any room or bar. You’ll never want to stop using it, and when you do have to stop, you’ll still have a stylish table brightening up your room!
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Amazing Hammock – check it out


You’ve never really relaxed until you’ve experienced the joys of lying back in your own hammock. Whether you’re at the end of a long week or the beginning of a long vacation, having your own hammock is the perfect indulgence, and it doesn’t cost you much at all! Better yet, the Lazy Days Hammock takes away all of the frustration of setting up a normal hammock, which lets you get to the important part: relaxing like you’ve never relaxed before.

You’ve never seen a hammock like this one. It sets up in just seconds, with no complicated knot tying and no need to find the perfect trees. Weighing in at only 22 lbs, this kit folds up into an easy-to-carry rucksack/carry case, meaning that you can take it anywhere and set it up in no time.
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