PC Gadgets

Almost everyone has a computer, but you can be one one of these super-cool PC gadgets. Whether you’re your computer for work, these PC gadgets will help and useful. Excellent options available for any PC of the few people to own a gamer or simple use to keep your PC both fun user.

Buffalo RUF2-NW – pendrive for Ladies

buffalo ruf2 nw

Buffalo RUF2-NW will be available in three colors: raspberry, pistachio and blueberry and come in two capacity versions: 4 GB or 8 GB.

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Integral Crypto Drive flash drive with AES 256-bit hardware encryption

integral crypto drive flash drive

The new Crypto Drive flash memory from Integral with a 256-bit AES encryption is probably the safest USB flash drive available on the market.

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Natec Falcon – a wireless mouse for the most demanding users

natec falcon wireless mouse

Natec Falcon is a wireless mouse designed especially for the users of highest expectations, who treasure high quality and comfort of work.

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Foxconn bamboo PC cases

foxconn bamboo pc cases

Following the steps of Asus, who announced a notebook with bamboo casing some time ago, Foxconn presents two bamboo cases for regular PCs.

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The Flip FlipShare TV – watch the movies from PC on your TV

the flip flipshare tv

The Flip has developed a wireless TV signal transmitter, which allows a TV to PC connection. Now you can watch comfortably your favorite movies, even though both devices are located in separate rooms.

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USB Warmer Mouse Pad

usb warmer mouse pad

The winter is coming, as you can see by the amount of new gadgets intended for people who get cold a lot. This new gadget has a warmer pad inside so you can always keep your hand warm during using mouse in winter time.

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Delock USB microscope

delock usb microscope

Delock’s handy USB2.0 microscope comes equipped with a built-in LED illumination.

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Vioguard UVKB50 – self-sanitizing keyboard

vioguard uvkb50 e28093 self sanitizing keyboard

The new Vioguard UVKB50 has an automatic disinfection mode. The UVKB50 floods the keyboard with germicidal light from a 50W UV light source automatically after every use without any user intervention.

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