PC Gadgets

Almost everyone has a computer, but you can be one one of these super-cool PC gadgets. Whether you’re your computer for work, these PC gadgets will help and useful. Excellent options available for any PC of the few people to own a gamer or simple use to keep your PC both fun user.

Logitech Speaker System Z320

logitech speaker system z320

Logitech unveils four new 360-Degree Sound multimedia speaker systems: Logitech Speaker System Z320, Logitech Speaker System Z323, Logitech Speaker System Z520 and Logitech Speaker System Z523.

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Modecom YUPI Mouse – scroll a web page two times faster

modecom yupi mouse
Modecom has just announced a completely innovative mouse – YUPI, using which you can scroll a web page two times faster.

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Transcend v30 8GB Flash Drive

transcend v30 8gb flash drive

The newest release from Transcend is v30 USB flash drive of an 8 GB capacity, which comes bundled with Transcend’s JetFlash elite software package including many useful functions.

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Kingston DataTraveler 200 – 128 GB flash memory

kingston datatraveler 200 flash memory

Kingston DataTaveler 200, by Kingston Technology, is the world’s first USB flash memory with the capacity of 128GB.
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Genius iSlim 1300AF

genius islim 1300af

The advanced options of latest 1.3 mega pixel webcam series from Genius, iSlim1300AF, include a face tracking option, a high performance CMOS sensor that achieves superior quality in low-light and an auto-focus lens which gives real-time sharp and clear image.

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Stealth Computer LPC-625F – a Fanless Mini PC

stealth computer lpc 625f Fanless Mini PC

Stealth Computer LPC-625F Fanless Mini PC operates without noisy cooling fans. The finned aluminium case dissipates heat so the device is very quiet.

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USB Powered Speakers Give You High Quality Sound Wherever You Go

usb powered speakers for laptop

With these USB Powered Speakers, you’ll never have to put up with the low sound quality of laptop speakers ever again! The excellent quality and amazing sound provided by these speakers boggles the mind. Mac users will enjoy plug-and-play compatibility, and Windows users need only run the easy-to-use CD install disc included with the speakers.

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Digiscribble Converts Your Handwriting to Digital Text


Many of us find ourselves in the same situation time and time again: we’ve taken some handwritten notes, and now we have to spend additional time typing them up on a computer. If you want to get past this inconvenience, then you’re going to love the Digiscribble.

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