PC Gadgets

Almost everyone has a computer, but you can be one one of these super-cool PC gadgets. Whether you’re your computer for work, these PC gadgets will help and useful. Excellent options available for any PC of the few people to own a gamer or simple use to keep your PC both fun user.

Fortress Ultra-Rugged Hard Drive: Your data has never been safer


It is important to be able to safely protect your digital data, and to that end you are going to want to have the Fortress Ultra-Rugger Hard Drive, capable of standing up to both shock and vibration.

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Ironkey Military Strength Flash Drives: For when you really, really, really need to keep a secret


For when you really need to keep your information safe, the IronKey provides that added protection you want for your digital files. This military strength flash drive’s encryption chip will self-destruct after 10 incorrect password attempts, foiling hacker’s efforts to gain access by making your data completely unreadable.

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The elegant new Dell Crystal LCD Monitor, winner of the IDEA 2008 Bronze award


The new Dell Crystal LCD Monitor takes some bold new steps forwards in LCD, miniature digital camera and speaker technologies.

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ATP Earthdrive – portable memory from corn

atm earthdrive

Working on environment-friendly IT products can sometimes bring about unusual results. In this case it’s a pendrive with a case made from corn.

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New flash memories from Apacer – Handy Steno AH 522

apacer handy steno ah 522

Apacer has announced a new series of flash memory devices from the Handy Steno family, code-named AH 522. The series includes two models with 8GB and 16GB capacity.

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Keep your laptop screen “For your eyes only” with the 3M Privacy Filter PF14.1 Notebook Privacy Filter for 14.1″ Screens

3m notebook privacy filter pf141

The aim of the 3M Privacy Filter is to give you some added privacy when working on your laptop, by preventing nosey bystanders from reading off of your laptop’s monitor.

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Really small PC – Whipsaw Zero Client Pano

whipsaw zero client pano

Whipsaw has made a really small PC. It’s called Zero Client Pano and is supposed to replace typical PCs which can be found in most offices.

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Let the Eikon To Go Digital Privacy Manager remember all your passwords for you

eikon to go digital privacy manager

In this growing digital age, personal security is becoming more and more difficult with the threats posed by phishing, password dictionary attacks and the vast array of malicious software out there today.

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