PC Gadgets

Almost everyone has a computer, but you can be one one of these super-cool PC gadgets. Whether you’re your computer for work, these PC gadgets will help and useful. Excellent options available for any PC of the few people to own a gamer or simple use to keep your PC both fun user.

Look how far we’ve come: The Iomega Super eGo 1TB external hard drive

Iomega Super eGo 1TB external hard drive

Way back in 1980, the folks at IBM released their first 1GB hard drive. Measuring larger than a coffin and weighing over 500 pounds, you can see we’ve come a long way since then, since that much memory space will literally fit in the palm of our hands these days. Oh, and back then, this drive cost $40,000!

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WiFi Signal Booster – Get Up to a 600% Boost!

Sure, if you want a WiFi signal booster, you could dig up some vague instructions on how to build your own, but if you don’t have the time (or aren’t too tech-savvy), this dish adapter can give you super long distance access to your wireless network, increasing signal strength by up to 600%.

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Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO Q Series 5030 – PC Power in a Small Package

At first glance, the ESPRIMO 5030 looks like a small external hard drive, but amazingly, it is actually a mini PC! Measuring the same size as the Mac mini, this amazing little system actually packs more muscle than the Mac in both power and features.

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Belkin N1 – The First Wireless Router with Integrated Network Information Display

The latest wireless router from Belkin, the N1 Vision, has incorporated a display which allows you to easily monitor all activity on your network. The sleek new design looks great, and offers excellent networking performance, complete with 802.11n* 3×3 MIMO radio design and wired gigabit ports.

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Corsair voyager Flash Drive – New 64GB Edition

The Corsair Voyager is the biggest flash drive that the company has released so far, packing a whopping 64GB into the well known Corsair design, with an all-rubber housing for durable protection of your files. This 64GB drive comes complete with a USB 2.0 interface, and with its True Plug & Play compatibility, there is no need for a complicated setup or installation with every computer you use it with.
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The Smallest External Hard Drive – The Freecom Mobile Drive XXS

In this digital age, portable hard drives are becoming more of a necessity than ever. Having more portable memory is of primary concern for a great many people, and deciding between the traditional 3.5-inch hard drives (which can be both heavy and a bit on the bulky side) or the slimmer 2.5-inch hard drives (which can power up using just their USB connection) can be difficult.

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Star wars usb hub


These Star Wars themed USB hubs take up a lot of space, and only provide you with an additional 4 USB ports, so it is more of a decoration than an accessory, and likely to appeal only to the Star Wars crowd. Still, we’re sure that there are enough Star Wars fans out there to make this little gizmo quite popular.

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Steampunk Mouse

Steampunk is a fantasy genre which has gained quite a following. A man in Russia has apparently decided to tinker around a little and has come up with a Genius mouse which looks like something right out of a steampunk story. Although you wouldn’t really call the design ergonomic, it definitely has a unique style about it.

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