PC Gadgets

Almost everyone has a computer, but you can be one one of these super-cool PC gadgets. Whether you’re your computer for work, these PC gadgets will help and useful. Excellent options available for any PC of the few people to own a gamer or simple use to keep your PC both fun user.

Kensington usb notebook light

This Kensington USB notebook light helps to brighten up your keyboard and workspace when you’re working in the dark. The Flylight 2.0 contains either super-bright LEDs mounted on a flexible neck, allowing you to reposition the light however you like.

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1GB USB Flash Drive Panda

The Tribeca Zoo animals have escaped! These USB Flash Drives are as fun as they are practical, allowing you to carry around your computer files with style. With three different animals to choose from, you can have your own frog, tiger or panda bear.

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Silent Mouse

With the Silent Mouse 2, you don’t have to worry about your endless clicking annoying anyone around you; it’s as quiet as… well, a mouse! There are lots of times where we would rather not make any noise for the people around you (or cover up the sound of our frantic clicking while playing computer games at work), and this is the perfect solution to all of those situations.
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Webcam for Star Wars fans


Every geek has a soft spot in his or her heart for Star Wars, and now they can merge their love for this epic movie with their passion for surfing the web and chatting with friends; the TIE Fighter webcam has arrived! It’s a must-have accessory for any Star Wars fan, but also a serious video conferencing tool.

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MiniGod Desktop Speakers

This tribal fusion MiniGod Desktop Speaker borrows its style from cultures all over the world, combined with a cool ‘urban edge’ which gives it a style all its own. It may only provide mediocre sound quality, but it more than makes up for that with its intense looks, guaranteed to turn the head of anyone passing by your desktop.

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USB CD / DVD shredder data destroyer

CD / DVD shredder data destroyer

With the digital age well under way, the days of the paper-shredder are coming to an end. But how do you keep sensitive documents on CDs and DVDs safe once you’re ready to dispose of them? Simply breaking them can be dangerous, and throwing them away whole doesn’t keep your information safe. The USB Powered CD/DVD shredder data destroyer can provide the answer that you are looking for. Ideal for destroying the data on a CD/DVD, it uses three carbon steel knurled points to permanently destroy the surface of any CD or DVD, rendering them unreadable within 5 seconds. This quickly and conveniently allows you to prevent anyone from reading your sensitive data. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluetooth headset with Laser Pointer and LED Flashlight

Bluetooth headset

The multifunctional BluePointer is the world’s first Bluetooth headset that is equipped with both a laser pointer and a LED flashlight.The ultra-compact design incorporates practical features of headset, laser pointer, remotely scrolling of PC presentation and LED flashlight. The laser pointer can be used standalone. Having paired the BluePOINTER with a HID profile-supported PC, you can remotely scroll your PC presentation. The ultra-bright LED flashlight is a bonus unique feature. Read the rest of this entry »

Cooling Keyboard and Mouse from Thanko

Cooling Keyboard

We all hate the sweaty palms we get when working on our computer keyboards and mouse. Thanks to Thanko, you don’t have to deal with that anymore, because they’ve released a keyboard and mouse combo, each with a built-in fan to keep your working hands nice and cool.

This Japanese product from Thanko is being sold for 6,650 yen, equivalent to around $62, plus the shipping to get it to your doorstep. Even though it might be nice to avoid that sweaty-hand syndrome, that’s quite an investment. Still, if you don’t mind having your nifty gadgets shipped from around the world, you can still get a pair for yourself. The rest of us will simply have to deal with those little desktop fans.