You will be amazed at how easy it is to make moist, evenly cooked bread with this incredible breadmaker. Specially designed to give you a textured crust with no burning that you might get from lesser models. The interior is spacious enough to produce traditional 2 lb loaves, and you can make white, French and multigrain/wheat breads with minimal work on your part. The 13 hour timer will announce that your delicious loaf is ready with a pleasant beep, and with eight baking cycle options, including pre-heating mode, kneading phase to stretch the gluten strands, three rising phases and three stir-down phases, a baking phase and warming phase.

With all of these options, as well as two stirring blades (compared to the single blade found in most models) to ensure even mixing, you can expect to have the greatest fresh bread you could ever want, baked right in your own kitchen. The large viewing window lets you peek in on the baking process, and the sturdy design contains a non-stick anodized aluminum bread pan to make sure your bread doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom. In less than two hours, your bread is ready to serve, and moreover, you can make jams, cakes, meatloaves and starting sourdoughs with the same machine. The LCD screen makes it easy to make your selections, and allows you to store up to three bread recipes.

Unit runs off a standard AC outlet. Dimensions: 12”H x 17″ W x 10″ D. Weight : 17 lbs.