Pet Gadgets

Everyone loves their pets, so why not check out some of these great pet gadgets to help pamper your pooch or cat at home? These little gifts are sure to make a great gift for that special pet in your family, and maybe even make your own life a little easier as well!

Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy – a laser toy for your cat

bolt interactive pet laser toy

You don’t have much time to provide your pet with enough entertainment and you don’t want it to be bored and unhappy? If yes, the Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy is a great opportunity for you!

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Customizable Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain Provides Your Pet with Clean Water How They Like It

drinkwell 360 water fountain

Just like you, your pet needs to have a healthy supply of water every day, and a water fountain can help keep your pet happy and hydrated. Free-falling water is preferred by most pets over stagnant water like they may get from a feeding bowl, and the Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain works to provide your pet with exactly what they want.

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Play Fetch with the Go-Frrr, the perfect gift for your dog

go frrr

Your dog is going to absolutely love playing with the GO-FRRR, which is specially designed to provide your dog with maximum enjoyment, and be easy for you to launch as well!

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Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera: See what rover’s been up to!

Pet's Eye View Digital Camera

Your pets miss you while you’re gone all day at the office, sitting at home waiting for you to return. At least, that’s what you think they’re doing. If you’ve ever been curious as to what your pet is getting up to when you’re not home, then the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera will clue you in. By simply clipping the unit to your pet’s collar, it will take snapshots throughout the day, allowing you to create a photo-diary of everything your pet does while you’re away.

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Humunga Tongue: Your Dog’s New Favourite Toy

The Humunga Tongue is, hands down, one of the greatest dog toys we have ever seen. Designed with a long ‘tongue’ handle with a ball on one end, you can throw the Humunga Tongue for your dog to catch, and not have to worry about handling a slobbery ball when it comes back to you. Also perfect for a game of ‘Tongue of War’.

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Petsafe PDT00-10603 Remote Trainer


The Yard-and-Park remote trainer gives you the assistance you need to train and control your pet when outdoors without a leash, and at distances of up to 400 yards. Completely safe and comfortable, the PetSafe unit is effective with pets over 8 pounds and at least six months old. With the push of a button, the remote transmitter can activate the receiving collar, which allows you to train your pet to obey basic commands or to correct misbehaviours.

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Aquarium with small fish

The aquarium with small fishPlug this mini aquarium into your computer’s USB port, watch those little jellyfish swimming around and just feel your stress fading away! The aquarium with small fish is easy to use: just add water, connect to your computer, and enjoy your new aquarium. Of course, you won’t need to feed these fish or clean their tank, so you can watch your fish swim around all day, maintenance free.

Of course, if you want something a little more original, how about a USB Mini Aquarium filled with little astronauts? Fill it up, plug it in, and watch your own little astronauts float around in the aquarium, exploring this strange new world and the final frontier. Read the rest of this entry »