The Yard-and-Park remote trainer gives you the assistance you need to train and control your pet when outdoors without a leash, and at distances of up to 400 yards. Completely safe and comfortable, the PetSafe unit is effective with pets over 8 pounds and at least six months old. With the push of a button, the remote transmitter can activate the receiving collar, which allows you to train your pet to obey basic commands or to correct misbehaviours.

The collar can be set to eight different levels of correction and features a low-battery indicator. Its lightweight, durable and waterproof design and adjustable fit is suitable for any dog. The unit also comes with a comprehensive training manual to teach you how to properly train your pet. With the remote trainer you can deter unwanted behaviour such as chewing on furniture or jumping on guests, or excessive barking. You can also use it to teach your pet basic commands such as “come” or “heel”.

The PetSafe PDT00-10603 Yard and Park Trainer features:
–    Remote transmitter (3″L x 1.5″W x 1″D)
–    Receiver collar (3/4″W x 9″-23″L with actual receiver unit measuring 2″L x 1 5/8″W x 1 1/8″D)
–    Charging adapter
–    400 Yard Range Waterproof Receiver and Transmitter
–    Rechargeable Batteries
–    Both Positive and Negative Tone Buttons
–    8 Levels of Stimulation
–    Low Battery Indicator on the Receiver and Transmitter
–    PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Training Collar

The unit also comes with an operating and training guide, rechargeable batteries, test light kit, lanyard and a lifetime limited warranty.