Pirate Toaster

You’ve never seen such a fun toaster! With the Jolly Roger featured on its side, giving it that rough-and-tumble pirate style, this item will certainly spark a lot of conversation in the kitchen. Even better, the Pirate Toaster is specially designed to toast the skull and crossbones onto every piece of toast it makes! Of course, it also comes with those same features you’d come to expect from a regular toaster, such as temperature control and an automatic pop-up mechanism. It just adds that sense of style to the kitchen.

This is without a doubt one of the most original innovations in toaster design, and you’ll love to have one in your kitchen. Expect to be having toast more often, just to see the Pirate Toaster work!

  • Creates the image of the Jolly Roger on every slice of toast
  • Great conversational piece over breakfast
  • Makes the best toast on the seven seas!