Some years ago, it may have been hard to imagine having a projector in your household, but the technology has progressed and become so available that it is now possible to set up a genuine theatre in your home, without breaking the bank! Whether you’re looking for a projector for your living room or something for the office resentations, you’ll find a variety of projectors to suit your needs.

R2-D2, Star Wars Digital Droid Projector System

Who wouldn’t want their own R2-D2? Of course, every Star Wars fanatic has his own model already, but this new model has an added feature: a built-in projector system! Capable of projecting images up to 260 inches (6.6 meters) away onto any surface, wall or ceiling, R2-D2 is one handy little droid. He can even act as an iPod dock, or accept input from your PS3, xBox 360 or Wii system, allowing you to play your games using his projector, or watch your favourite films on DVD.
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Private theater in a box: The Zoom Box Projector

With the ZOOMBOX in your home, you can turn just about any room into a private theatre! Project your favourite video games onto your ceiling, or show a movie on your wall, and of course we all know that bigger is better. The ZOOMBOX can create a 60-nich diagonal picture, requiring only an 8 foot distance from your wall or ceiling to do so. It also comes with a DVD/CD player and speakers built-in to the unit, making it easy to enjoy your favourite movies, videos, music and digital pictures with just a touch of a button.

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Apple new iPhone 3G projector

It may be nice to fit all of our favourite movies in the palm of our hand, but who really wants to watch those flicks on the tiny screen of an iPhone? Now you’ve got another option with this video projector; it incorporates an iPhone dock which lets you plug in and project your video onto any flat surface, expanding your video to 15-27 inches. The unit also contains a set of 2W stereo speakers to complete the experience.

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Optoma HD70 projector


Finally, you can get a high-contrast, 1280×720 resolution DLP home theatre projection system for only $999! No, it’s not a dream, the Optoma HD70 is the new system which is smashing price barriers everywhere. It is the first of the DarkChip2 720p projectors to sell for under $1,000, and it is absolutely incredible.

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Torpedo entertainment digital projector

You’ve never really experience a video game until you’ve played it on a large screen, and with the Torpedo Digital Projector, you can do just that. Connect the unit to your gaming system, and you’ll instantly have a 60-inch diagonal picture, providing a 960×240 resolution.

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New BenQ video home projector

Home Projector ScreenThe MP512, developed by BenQ, is the new and stylish projector  for your business or your home. With the aspherical lens, the MP short-throw projector can project a clear image in only half the distance of traditional projectors, and with the ratio lens carefully focused, the projector can deliver a large-screen projection in tight spaces, so you can deliver a theatre-like presentation without the need for a large area. Other brands cannot deliver this same level of quality in such a small space.
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