PS3 Gadgets

The PS2 is an excellent system on its own, but with some of these PS3 gadgets, you can take your favourite console to the next level! Able to give you a competitive edge when playing against your friend, or simply make your games more enjoyable, these PS3 gadgets are well worth the purchase.

BigBen RACING Seat – a Wireless Steering Wheel for Playstation 3, Xbox360 and PC

bigben racing seat

BigBen RACING Seat is compatible with all racing games intended for Playstation3 and Xbox360 platforms, as well as for the PC.

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3D games for PlayStation 3 at CES


At this year’s CES Sony presented a spectacular demo of ‘Wipeout HD’ space racing game in 3D.

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Logitech Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3

logitech harmony adapter for playstation 3

Logitech Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3 provides complete control of PlayStation 3 including all 51 possible commands. It also allows the user to control DVD/Blu-ray movie playback, as well as navigate the XrossMediaBar (XMB).

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PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller: Excellent gaming power in your hands

playstation 3 dualshock 3 wireless controller

With the Dualshock 3 wireless controller for the Playstation 3, you will instantly be taking your game to a whole new level. The intuitive game play offered by the pressure sensors built-in to every action button, as well as the highly sensitive SIXAXIS™ motion sensing technology will help bring you directly into the game.

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The PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad that lets you play and communicate

playstation 3 wireless keypad

The Wireless Keypad will allow you to turn your Sony PlayStation 3 controller into a convenient texting device, complete with mouse input capabilities, without impacting its gameplay functionality.

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Sony PS3 Hardwear Console Armor

The Sony Playstation Console Armor, brought to you by Messiah Entertainment, gives your PS3 the protection it needs when you need to travel with your system.The Hardwear Console Armor protects your PS3 from the dangers of scratches, keeping it in pristine condition. Made with real metal and designed to easily attach and detach from your system.


EyeToy webcam for PlayStation PS3

When the PlayStation EyeToy was first released, you could say that it was just beginning to take its first baby steps with video technology. Today, it has officially come of age, being rechristened the PlayStation Eye and comes packing some serious functionality, even if it doesn’t look quite as streamlined as the original EyeToy.
Packed into the EyeToy are four microphones, arranged to allow for multidirectional voice location tracking, enhanced background noise suppression and echo cancelling. With all of this, Sony says that you can put that headset away, because you won’t need it anymore.

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