Remote Control Toys

Whether it’s a remote control car, boat or even plane, it’s great fun to live vicariously through scale-model remote control toys. It doesn’t take a lot of cash anymore to get into this hobby, and remote-control systems are no longer complicated, allowing you to take your kit and start having fun in no time!

Airborn Jurassic Attach with the Remote Control Power Wings Flying Pterosaur

remote control power wings flying pterosaur

Your neighbors will think that the Jurassic era has returned when they see this Remote Control Power Wings Flying Pterosaur flying around in your backyard!

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Avast! Take to the high sease with your own radio controlled Pirates of the Caribbean Ship!

radio control pirate ship boat

With this fully functional RC pirate ship boat, you’ll feel like strapping on your cutlass and hitting the high seas in search of booty! This particular boat, though, is better equipped to travel around on pools, ponds and smaller lakes, rather than the actual ocean.

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1:4 Electric Harley Davidson Style radio controlled Motorbike with Lights & Sounds: Powerful enough to give you road rash!

harley davidson style radio controlled motorbike

Harley Davidson motorcycles are powerful and beautiful machines, and now you can take control of your own RC version, faithfully reproduced down to the fine details.

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The awesome Electric Remote Control Military Desert Hummer Truck with Lights: Hoorah!


This Electric Remote Control Military Desert Hummer Truck with lights is quite likely the closest thing we’ll ever be able to get to driving a the real thing, and perhaps even more fun than the real thing!

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Bringing RC Helicopters to the Layman: Micro Bladez

The Micro-Bladez are the next generation of remote controlled flying toys, and the first generation to bring RC helicopters out of the specialist market and into the amateur RC enthusiast’s scope.

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The Amazing Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer

The Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer may well be one of the most sophisticated R/C flying vehicles you can lay your hands on, incorporating some amazing technology into a package hardly any bigger than your palm. The four propellers are surprisingly easy to control, thanks to the solid-state accelerometer built into the flying saucer which helps to keep it stable by sensing its position on two axes and automatically making the necessary adjustments, keeping you steady while in flight.
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Mini Bi-Plane – Amazing radio controlled plane

If you’re looking for a remote-control airplane that’s easy to fly, quick to charge, fun to use and capable of withstanding the punishment dealt out by a beginner pilot, then the Mini Bi-Plane is the one for you. Made from EPP polyfoam, it is extremely strong and lightweight, so that it can crash without suffering damage. Measuring only 2cm in length, and with a 23cm wingspan, this plane sports an adjustable rudder and elevator, and is powered by two 45mm propellers which are mounted on the back of the top wing. The plane is easily charged from the handheld controller unit.

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Mosquito helicopter

The 3-channel Mosquito 3.0 is the latest innovation in flying toy models. The orange LED eyes sported by the copter give it a spooky look when flying in the dark, and the whole model is less than half the size and weight of the original best-selling bladerunner helicopter. Even with its small size, the Mosquito 3.0 has precision performance, being the most precise model in the bladerunner’s range.

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