Remote Control Toys

Whether it’s a remote control car, boat or even plane, it’s great fun to live vicariously through scale-model remote control toys. It doesn’t take a lot of cash anymore to get into this hobby, and remote-control systems are no longer complicated, allowing you to take your kit and start having fun in no time!

Radio controlled energy drink server

Anyone who likes to throw pool parties is going to love the Radio Control Snack Float, which lets you deliver refreshments to your pool guests in the water without having to get all wet yourself!

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Bladez 3D Outdoor Helicopter

Bladez HelicopterThis is the next generation in affordable R/C helicopters! The Bladez 3D Outdoor Helicopter is perfect for intermediate R/C enthusiasts, being able to fly outdoors and sporting a 3-channel control system. The Bladez 3D is ready-to-fly and can provide the excellent handling and precision that you want out of your R/C helicopter.

Not made for the novice pilot, the Bladesz 3D is agile and responsive, making it a great option for the intermediate flyer. Its robust design means it can take some punishment, and you can feel the power that its electric engine provides from the very first time it takes off. Take note, you may want to avoid flying it indoors, its powerful rotors could do some damage in the wrong hands!
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