Robot Gadgets

The future is here! Or, at least, it is fast approaching. Check out some of these robot gadgets, which are guaranteed to give your home a futuristic feel to it. These little robot gadgets are creative, useful and entertaining, and sure to wow the next guests you invite over to your house!

Discovery Robot In My Room will be your kid’s robo-banker!

discovery robot in my room

Now you can give your kids their own robotic banker! This little robot is great for kids ages 8-12, and helps them to learn the importance of saving money by sounding off with more than 50 possible humorous phrases every time a coin is deposited. Your child will be treated to a wise-crack every time they drop in a coin!
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Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot: This robot has got some moves! Lots of them!

Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot

You’ll be amazed at the moves that this new robot, the MechRC, can pull off. Capable of head-stands, backward tumbles and just about any other motion you can program, its balance is incredible, allowing it to perform a variety of complex and impressive moves.

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Hasbro A.M.P. Robot: Can he do the robot? Yes he can!

hasbro amp robot

The new A.M.P. Robot from Hasbro is a new contender in the dancing robot category. This Automated Music Personality (A.M.P.) can dance around to any tunes on your MP3 player, simply plug it in and watch it go!

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Dancing WALL-E

dancing walle

From the minds of the people at Sharper Image comes the iDance WALL-E MP3-playing robot, which moves and grooves while playing your favourite tunes from your iPod playlist. This lovable little robot was a smash hit in the movie theatres, so he’s sure to be a hit in your home as well.
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ACM-R5 – amphibious robotic snake

ACM-R5 Robot Snake

The Hirose Fukushima Lab in Japan has unveiled its latest creation: the ACM-R5, an incredible amphibious robotic snake.

The ACM-R5 uses special paddles and wheels mounted around its body to propel itself through water and over ground in a truly snake-like fashion, generating propulsive force to allow it to glide freely in the tangential direction but not the normal direction, just like a real snake.

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R2-D2? No! It’s Clocky!


Ever find that you hit the snooze button far too often? Well, consider that a thing of the past after you purchase Clocky, the alarm clock that only lets you hit that button once! After the snooze button is activated and your added naptime has run out, Clocky will actually jump off your nightstand and wheel off in search of a place to hide, beeping the whole time. The only way to get Clocky to be quiet is to get out of bed and chase him down!

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