samsung hmx h105 ssd camcoder

Thanks to SSD (Solid State Drive) technology used in the Samsung HMX-H105 camcorder, it is possible to achieve extremely high work speed.

The device has a very short reaction time. HMX-H105 is able to record immediately after turning the device on, or opening the screen. SSD memory makes it reliable and resistant. The most important advantage is the light weight and small size of the camcorder. SSD are 12 times lighter and 7 times smaller than 1.8 HDD drive. They do not have any moving parts, which makes it resistant to physical damage. All this brings many advantages in quotidian use of the camcorder. Aside from having an in-built 32GB memory, the device is also compatible with SD/SDHC cards. Thus, we can be sure we’ll never run out of memory to record the precious moments.