samsung n310 netbook

We’ve heard of software that kills viruses, but a netbook that kills bacteria? Indeed, Samsung has unveiled the N310 netbook, created by Japanese designmeister Naoto Fukasawa, which can appeal to even the cleanliest individuals.

The 10-inch screen and pebble design keyboard are nice to look at and type on, and the keyboard is 93% of the size of a desktop computer, according to Samsung.
Weighing in at only 2.6 pounds, the N310 uses a four-cell battery which Samsung people claim will provide you with five hours of computing time before needing a recharge. The LED display and Intel Atom processor help to reduce the power draw from the batteries. Shipping with Windows XP Home Edition (which won’t overburden the 1GB of RAM onboard), the N310 features a 160GB hard drive and a fully integrated 1.3MP camera, as well as a three-in-one memory card reader.

(Via Cnet)