Sansa Fuze iPod

Are you looking for a music player, but don’t feel like dealing with iPod’s view of how a player should look and work? Feel like being original, and getting cool features that will make your friends with iPods jealous? Sansa has recently released their new Sansa Fuze, and it is guaranteed to amaze.

This little gadget, smaller than your credit card, can hold 2GB, 4GB or a whopping 8GB of media. The 8GB option has a 24 hour battery life guarantee, giving you plenty of time to listen to up to 2000 songs, measuring at 4 min/song.You can also watch all of your favorite videos, because the Fuze comes with a 1.9” color screen which lets you take all your shows and movies in your pocket. In addition, you can pack your photos into the system as well, to share with all of your friends and family. Also, for all of you who like to tune in to your local stations, the Fuze also comes with an FM radio with 40 present stations. You can even make your own recordings with the built-in voice recorder.

The public may have loved their iPods, but this new contender comes packed with features that you won’t find included with iPods on the market today. Make sure you check out the Sansa Fuze the next time you’re shopping for your next portable media powerhouse, and we’re sure you’ll love what you see.