Security Gadgets

Personal security has become a widespread concern in today’s society, so we’d like to bring you peace of mind by bringing together a wide array of security gadgets that are available to you. With these great security gadgets, you can take your own safety and protection into your own hands, as well as providing security for your family as well. Noting is more important than the security of you and your family, so check out how you can keep them secure with these great gadgets.

Ironkey Military Strength Flash Drives: For when you really, really, really need to keep a secret


For when you really need to keep your information safe, the IronKey provides that added protection you want for your digital files. This military strength flash drive’s encryption chip will self-destruct after 10 incorrect password attempts, foiling hacker’s efforts to gain access by making your data completely unreadable.

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Xaos Gamma – the encrypting phone

xaos gamma

Even is somebody has the means to eavesdrop on your phone conversation, they won’t hear much – only static and meaningless noise. This is how Xaos Gamma works.

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Keep your laptop screen “For your eyes only” with the 3M Privacy Filter PF14.1 Notebook Privacy Filter for 14.1″ Screens

3m notebook privacy filter pf141

The aim of the 3M Privacy Filter is to give you some added privacy when working on your laptop, by preventing nosey bystanders from reading off of your laptop’s monitor.

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Let the Eikon To Go Digital Privacy Manager remember all your passwords for you

eikon to go digital privacy manager

In this growing digital age, personal security is becoming more and more difficult with the threats posed by phishing, password dictionary attacks and the vast array of malicious software out there today.

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ASUS EZLink world’s first USB wireless network adapter

USB wireless network adapterIf you ask someone what kind of security their wireless network at home uses, most people will stare at you blankly. A great many people neglect their network security at home, and this can lead to trouble which can easily be avoided with just a little preparation.

The recently released ASUS EZLink is a wireless network adapter which lets you create a wireless connection with any compatible component. Better yet, this connection is secure at the touch of a button, because this adapter comes set up with its own security, making use of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected setup).
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