Skype Gadgets

Skype has helped the whole world connect, and Skype gadgets can help you connect more easily and bring you even closer to your friends and family. The Skype gadgets shown here are specifically designed to improve your Skype experience, helping you to take advantage of this powerful way to connect with anyone, anywhere.

Keep in touch and save with the Skypephone

With the 3 Skyphone, you won’t need a computer handy to make free voice calls. With this stylish mobile phone, you can make calls, send texts and take pictures, just like you would with any other phone, and you can make calls and send instant messages on Skype for free.

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Belkin WiFi Skype phone

The Belkin Wi-Fi phone for Skype doesn’t need to be connected to a PC to work; all you need is access to a WiFi network. Whether you’re at home, in a café, at the office or any public Wi-Fi access point will do, as long as it doesn’t require browser authentication.

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You will never miss another Skype call again with Verbals

Young adults are going to love Verballs, the talking internet phones which use Skype to talk with anyone over the internet. The furry little critters plug into your computer via USB cables and will provide alerts whenever you are receiving a Skype phone call. Complete with a hands-free microphone and high quality speakers, any one of these five colourful characters will let you make free calls to anyone in the world.

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All-in-one Webcam, Microphone, LED Light and Fan!

Now you can keep cool while talking with friends vis-ŕ-vis over the web! This ultra-cool 4-in-1 USB 2.0 webcam also has a microphone, LED light for late night chatting and built-in fan to stay fresh on those hot summer days. With all the features you’d expect from a webcam, but with more to offer!
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