solar powered courtesy light

If you’re finding your home to be badly lit outdoors once the sun has gone down, then you may want to consider purchasing the Solar Powered Courtesy Light. Not only is it easy to set up, convenient and require only solar power to charge its batteries during the day, but it will help keep you and your family safe when coming home in the evenings.

This system provides excellent illumination around your home, and will automatically turn on or off whenever it detects motion in the vicinity. This means that you’ll be able to see where you are going no matter what time you arrive home at night, and without the need to fumble for any light switches in the dark. Requiring no external power source, the Solar Powered Courtesy Light is excellent even in emergencies when the power may be out.


  • Uses a solar battery so no wires are required, it’s good for the environment and will work all year round
  • Bright white LED light
  • 8 metre lighting distance
  • 100 degree detection angle
  • 60 second illumination period
  • Never struggle to find keys again
  • Lock securely in place with a key
  • Simple installation
  • Portable so can be used as a standard light
  • Rain proof
  • 3-way switch – on/off/automatic
  • Can work in shaded areas (charge in sun once per week)