Digital readers have been gradually improving in quality over the years, and the latest edition from Sony, the PRS-700, is the next generation, with several new improvements over previous models. Measuring about the same size as a slim paperback and weighing only 10 ounces, you can easily transport this unit anywhere you go. The touch screen is a nice addition, allowing you to flip through pages with a simple flick of the finger, and LED reading lights allow you to light up your screen when reading in the dark. Be forewarned, however, that these lights will drain your battery in 8 hours, or 4 is you use the high intensity setting.

The built-in memory can store approximately 350 books, and the expandable memory card slots will accept Memory Stick Duo cards, giving you even more storage space. The eBook Library 2.5 PC software allows you to transfer PDF and even music files into your Reader, and future development plans for the Reader include the addition of a wireless feature to get your news anywhere you go. The screen is solely black and which, for now, and though a color reader is in the cards, Sony has said it is still ‘years’ away from entering production.