Spy Gadgets

That’s right, with these spy gadgets, you can become the next superspy! Whether you need to keep an eye on the kids at home or those suspicious neighbours, you’ll find all of those cool spy gadgets here. Just check that it’s legal to use a laser watch, or any of these other gadgets, where you live before you start on your next mission!

Muvi Atom – the Smallest Digicam in the World

muvi atom

Muvi Atom is according to the manufacturer, the smallest digicam in the world. Is has dimensions of only 2x4x1.5cm.

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LG Watch Phone – a watch and a phone in one

lg watch phone

Watch Phone LG is the first 3G phone in shape of a watch, formerly reserved for spy movies, now available for all gadget lovers and mobile phone freaks.

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Spy on conversations through walls with the Wall Listening Device

listen through walls device

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we really wished that we could listen into a conversation happening on the other side of the wall. With the Wall Listening Device, you now have that power!

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Shoe phone

shoe phone

An Australian scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen has designed a phone that can be hidden in… a shoe. The idea was inspired by a spy comedy from 1960s “Get Smart!”.

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AmexAlpha AME-105 – spy camera in a… badge.

amex alpha ame 105

AmexAlpha AME-105 would be a gadget of choice for Bond. James Bond. 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor inside a thin ID tag.

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Analyze Wi-Fi networks with Wi-Spy – the world’s smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

Wi-Spy - the world's smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

The Wi-Spy is the world’s smallest 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer, specially designed for analyzing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Capable of detecting and analyzing the signal strength of both Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth signals, as well as 2.4 GHz cordless phones, microwaves, Zigbee and a variety of other 2.4 GHz transmitters, this is quite a nifty piece of technology to have on hand.

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The Superspy’s Camera of Choice: The Minox DSC Digital Spy Camera

The new Digital SpyCam from MINOX, labelled the DSC, is an amazing piece of engineering. The entire unit packs some impressive photo technology into a package just 82x29x20 mm in size. With five million pixel resolution, it is capable of going toe-to-toe with traditional cameras, and the bright viewfinder helps you get quick, spontaneous shots, even under difficult lighting conditions. The integrated flash will automatically activate when it is needed, and all of these features help to make the DSC an excellent choice for any superspy.

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A Camera in Your Pocket – The Minox Digital Spy Pen

Anyone who sees the Minox Digital Spy Pen Camera would easily be fooled into thinking it was just another ball-point pen. Carefully hidden behind the clip is a micro video camera capable of taking video films in AVI format.

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