Spy Gadgets

That’s right, with these spy gadgets, you can become the next superspy! Whether you need to keep an eye on the kids at home or those suspicious neighbours, you’ll find all of those cool spy gadgets here. Just check that it’s legal to use a laser watch, or any of these other gadgets, where you live before you start on your next mission!

Every Spy’s Favourite Gadget: The Minox Digital Spy Sunglasses Camera

James Bond would be impressed by the new MINOX Digital Spy Sunglasses Camera. Just like the name says, a micro camera is inserted into this pair of sunglasses, disguised as an earpiece and controlled via a discreet remote control.

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Tie Clip Mini Spy Camera – For the Fashionable Spy

James Bond probably has one of these as well: the Tie Clip Mini Spy Camera. Inside of the tie clip is a hidden camera, capable of recording video images and audio without alerting people around you. Additionally, the tie clip is easily removed and placed just about anywhere, allowing you to discretely plant the camera wherever you need it for maximum effectiveness even after you leave the room!
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Minox Digital Spy Belt Camera – See and Record, and Never be Noticed

You’ll be capturing footage like a super-spy with the MINOX Belt Camera, which hides a small camera in an inconspicuous belt buckle. The cleverly hidden micro-optics in the front of the camera are nearly undetectable, and the unit can allow you to record in 3GP format without ever being noticed.

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Have Eyes on the Back of Your Head with the Minox Spy Sunglasses

The Minox Spy Sunglasses will give you eyes on the back of your head, allowing you to watch your six without ever turning around! By using specially designed lenses with a mirror-coating on the inside around the outer edges, a quick glance to the side will let you see everything that is happening behind you. The look completely normal to anyone else, and provide great UV protection as well.


Be like a Bionic Man with Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Electronic Listening Device

With the Orbitor, you too can have some of the same powers as the bionic man. With its 10x prism optical zoom, you can see things clearly from large distances, and better yet, you can use the powerful system to capture sounds and voices from over 300 feet away. This makes it great for taking to the sports stadium and listening in on all of the action on the sidelines, making it seem like you’re right in there with the other players.The Orbitor Electronic Listening Device lets you eavesdrop from quite a distance away, unnoticed by your unsuspecting targets. It is also perfect for the outdoorsman, letting you listen in and observe nature while keeping a safe distance between you and the other animals, allowing you for great opportunities for observation. Our top-of-the-line secret surveillance device is great for a variety of situations.

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Spy Wireless Voice Recorder and MP3 FM Player

With the Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder, you can discretely and remotely make recordings of conversations in the room next door or even record telephone conversations. The same technologies used by spies in the movies is now in your hands! Of course, there are laws regarding the recording of conversations in some jurisdictions, so you’ll want to check with your local law enforcement before playing any spy games.

With this unit, you can not only record conversations over the phone, but you can plug the digital recorder into your laptop or PC’s USB port and make copies of all your files, listen to FM radio or MP3 music/books. With 1GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of space for your recordings, allowing you to record a full day’s worth of conversation.

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The Truth Machine

The Truth Maschine

We’ve all had those moments where we wish we had our own personal lie detector. The Truth Machine is your answer to every time you’ve ever wondered, “am I being told the truth?”

Specially designed to detect and measure the frequency changes in a person’s voice when they are lying, The Truth Machine gives you its results on a column of LED lights along the side of the machine. The Psychological Stress Evaluator and Voice Stress Analyser help you to determine if that’s the truth you hear, or even the best-told lie. Green lights indicate low tension, and red indicates high tension, and a potential lie!
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Spy Camera Sunglasses

Spy Canera Sunglasses

They may not give you x-ray vision, but these sleek-looking sunglasses are capable of capturing 1.3 megapixel still images, at a stunning 1280×1024 resolution. Included with the glasses is an RF remote-control, which lets you snap photos easily and without being noticed. The lightweight design of the frames and UV400 lenses, which flip up to give you a clearer view of your target, make for one cool-looking set of shades. Polymer lithium-ion batteries give you a 9-hour battery life, and are fully rechargeable to let you keep shooting without buying more batteries. Included with the glasses is a Mini USB port capable of USB 2.0 interface, which lets you upload and download images as well as conveniently recharge the internal batteries.
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