With the Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder, you can discretely and remotely make recordings of conversations in the room next door or even record telephone conversations. The same technologies used by spies in the movies is now in your hands! Of course, there are laws regarding the recording of conversations in some jurisdictions, so you’ll want to check with your local law enforcement before playing any spy games.

With this unit, you can not only record conversations over the phone, but you can plug the digital recorder into your laptop or PC’s USB port and make copies of all your files, listen to FM radio or MP3 music/books. With 1GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of space for your recordings, allowing you to record a full day’s worth of conversation.

Of course, other MP3 units oftentimes come with record capability, but what sets the Spion Wireless Voice Recorder apart from others is the finger-sized wireless remote microphone. You can plant this microphone in the room next door, hidden out of view, and you’ll be able to keep an ear open even when you’re not there.

The unit comes complete with two audio cables, USB cable, earphones, phone jack and software for your computer.