Name a starEver wanted to give a gift that was truly out of this world? Well, now you literally can, with the Name a Star gift box! This incredibly original gift will provide you with everything you need to dedicate a star to whatever or whomever you wish! Pick any name you want and use the gift box to notify The British Library of its joyful christening, and rest happily knowing that you’ve named one of the lights in the heavens.

The Name a Star gift set comes in a stylish, luxury metal gift box, and contains the coordinates of one special star, which is now your star to name whatever you want! The coordinates also come with a set of directions, allowing you to locate your star to point out to all of your friends (or that special someone who you’d like to dedicate the star to!) Also included is a giant wall map and information about the characteristics of your particular star. In addition, you’ll receive a presentation certificate, pen and astronomy booklet. This is truly an extraordinary gift and wonderful opportunity to give something which is truly unique: one star in the heavens!

Name a Star gift specification

You receive:

  • Welcome letter
  • An explanation of the gift
  • Star naming instructions
  • Unique information about your star
  • A guide on how to locate your star
  • Star & astronomy booklet
  • Presentation certificate
  • Personalisation pen
  • Presented in a luxury metal gift tin

After registration you will receive:

  • An ornate certificate detailing your star name and star naming details

Gift summary:

  •  An out of this world gift
  •  Details of one unique gift enclosed that is ready for naming
  •  A great booklet about stars and astronomy
  •  Find your star on the huge wall map enclosed
  •  Easy to follow star naming instructions
  •  Register your details either online or by returning the Star Naming Instructions form inside your gift box.
  •  See your star name stored at the British Library.
  •  After registration receive an ornate certificate displaying your star name
  •  A touching gift idea… a star named after you for eternity


  • Can I call my star anything I choose?
    It’s your star! You can name it whatever you like.
  • How long does it take to receive my confirmation certificate?
    You can expect to have a response within 10 working days if you make your registration online. If you choose to fill out and return the form by mail, you may have to wait slightly longer, approximately 28 days from when the form is received by the Gift Republic.
  • How long do I have to register my gift?
    Each box comes with a gift code which is good for 12 months, after which it will expire.