Everyone want to do their part by using eco-friendly lighting, and now you can be environmentally friendly and stylish at the same time, with the Sun Jar Solar Light!

By leaving the jar to collect sunlight on your window sill or in a bright room, the jar conserves the light to release it again automatically when it gets dark again. These jars are completely waterproof, making them perfect for use either indoors or outside, to provide some lighting for your patio or porch. The frosted glass produces a wonderful visual effect, hiding the inner workings of the jar while allowing it to glow majestically, as though you’ve really got a little sun of your own!

These solar powered Sun Jars are the perfect addition for any evening party, lending a wonderful atmosphere to any event. You can also consider it a safe nightlight for a child’s bedroom, providing that comforting glow to lull children to sleep. Whatever your need, the Sun Jar can be a wonderful light source for any occasion, and best of all, it’s completely free, requiring no electricity to run!

The Sun Jar works by using energy efficient LEDs to provide adequate lighting for minimum energy consumption, and the conveniently located switch just inside the lid allows you to turn off the light and save power for another time.


* Glass jar, solar cell, battery and LED lights.
* 100X100X160mm