Table Top

Everyone has heard of the games 20-Questions. More recently, a website was created, where a computer could play with you, asking questions and oftentimes getting the answer right! Now, that same game can be brought with you anywhere you want, with the Table Top 20Q game.

You can think of anything or anyone, and this little machine will begin asking you its 20 questions. With its 360° dome screen, it is perfect for multiple players, and you’ll be amazed at how smart this game really is!

By simply answering questions YES, NO, SOMETIMES, RARELY or UNKNOWN using the appropriate buttons, this amazing little gizmo can guess what you have on your mind. Like any person, it might not be able to guess correctly all of the time, but you’ll be amazed at how well it plays, and how often it gets the answer right!

The Table Top 20Q requires 3 x C batteries which are not included in the box.