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Yamaha TSX-W80 and TSX-70 – iPhone docking alarm clocks

yamaha tsx w80 iphone docking alarm clock

Yamaha launches in Japan the TSX-W80 and TSX-70 iPod speaker docks. The 2.1-channel speaker system offers 4Wx2 stereo output and 8W 75Hz – 20kHz subwoofer.

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Wake up to the Space Invaders alarm clock

Space Invaders alarm clock

People in Japan are quite familiar with the Space Invaders alarm clock, and they have finally landed in the UK for your amusement.
Licensed by Taito, the Space Invaders alarm clock sports a classic 70s-style digital screen, showing you the time and, when the alarm goes off, you’ll see an alien invader, complete with all of those classic gaming sounds you remember from yesteryear.

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iHome iH41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPod Touch

The people at iHome have recently announced the release of their latest accessory for the iPod touch: the iH41, a new rotating alarm clock which allows you to watch videos on your iPod touch in landscape. The unusual shape of the iH41 can rotate around, allowing you to watch your videos on your iPod touch while it is being charged. The digital clock display will also rotate to face different directions depending on the unit’s position.

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Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Retro ipod alarm clockHere’s the modern take on the old-school twin-belled alarm clocks from ages past. Instead of waking up to ringing bells in the morning, you can now listen to your favorite tunes from the moment you open your eyes. This iPod dock has a sleek design modelled on the classic alarm clock. The Ĺbellsĺ are in fact 3 Watt omni speakers, filling your room with the sweet sound of music whenever your alarm goes off. This alarm clock can be set to wake you up anytime, and does so by playing any playlist, podcast or any other file on your iPod.

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